About Us


School was started by MPVM Samiti on 4th June 2003 in the holy city of Prayag. Founder President, The late Shri. Lokmani Lal Ji's hard work and vision for a developed India was the inspiration. He dreamt of "a school with a difference". Thanks to the co-operation of all, it has shown tremendous growth and progress. Now a modern MPVM Ganga Gurukulam functions on the outskirts of Allahabad City, in the green Phaphamau area. Here, the Gurus and their sishyas interact, learn and world together, in keeping with their school motto:

The school lays emphasis on self- discipline. It demands from its students regularity, punctuality and full devotion both in curricular and co-curricular activities. Full co-operation and support from the parents is earnestly sought. It requires following the school rules and other guidelines given by the teachers. The parents must see that their wards always abide by the school rules.