Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir Samiti, Prayag was constituted in 18.4.1986 with the following aims and objectives :

-> To establish such institutions where education based on Indian culture and values be imparted to boys and girls right from Primary stage to higher classes, integrating literary, cultural, scientific, vocational and technical education.
-> To bring up citizens fully committed towards national life, through the harmonious development of a student's personality.
-> To lay the foundation for highest service to the nation, through the fulfillment of the To provide scholarship to financially poor and bright students and sponsor their higher education.
-> To establish Primary schools and make arrangement for teaching and learning through modern activity/ play-way methods.
-> To invite scholars of different fields for delivering lectures and offering guidance to teachers and students, and also to honour such celebrities.
-> To establish libraries and reading rooms and also cottage industries so as to help women to be self-dependent, to train them and also offer financial help to the deprived section of society-women and children in particular.
-> The Samiti laid the foundation of MPVM – Ganga Gurukulam, Gaddopur, Phaphamau, Allahabad on 16th April, 2003. The school got affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in October, 2004. It was upgraded to senior secondary stage in January, 2006. Within a short span of 3 years the school has risen to a very high position through its commitment to value based quality education.